ASTM D7091 – 12 PDF

Background of SSPC PA 2; Overview and Purpose of SSPC-PA 2 (); Purpose of ASTM D ; Definitions; Gage Descriptions; Calibration & Verification. ASTM D focuses on gage use. • SSPC-PA 2 () focuses on acceptability of acquired measurements. • Both address ferrous and non-ferrous metal. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number immediately following the 1 This practice is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D01 on Paint and . manufacturer’s specifications, n—a statement or set.

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Spot measurements 1 obtained in each direction up to the maximum surface area coated during the work shift until two consecutive conforming spot measurements are acquired in that direction, or until no additional measurements can be made.

Don, The standard is independent of the substrate type, as long as the substrate is a ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Please login to your authorized staff account to use this feature.

Webprint Printed c7091 bound. If the gage is d791 or suspected of giving erroneous readings during the work shift, its accuracy should be rechecked. Dry film thickness gages are calibrated by the equipment manufacturer, its authorized agent, or an accredited calibration laboratory under controlled conditions.

Change is never easy…. August 26, at 2: Addresses measurement of coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies To learn more, click Read More to view our Privacy and Cookies Policy. October 17, at 8: Verifying accuracy of Type 2 gage using a certified shim Adjusting Type 2 Gages The zstm step in the process is to adjust the gage on the surface to which the coating will be applied.


DFT of pipe spools not loaded on cart or rack are typically measured individually.

Measuring Dry Film Coating Thickness According to SSPC-PA 2

January 22, at 7: All definitions related to gage calibration, accuracy and adjustment are incorporated by reference in ASTM D For areas of coating to 1, square feet, three random areas are selected and measured. Communicating the new requirements of this standard to the industry is challenging but essential.

If spot measurement variances result in area measurements that do not meet the specification, then additional spot measurements aetm acquired radiating outward in eight directions from the nonconforming area to determine the magnitude of the non-conforming thickness.

On a larger structure with multiple applicators, the measurement and documentation process could be extensive, so the approach was changed in the revision.

ASTM D7091:12

Two of the eight appendices were added in the remaining were in the edition and are highlighted below. Arguably the most critical section in the document, Section 8, describes how many areas to check, the size of the areas, the number of measurements to obtain in each area, and the steps to take if spot or area measurements do not conform to the specification.


Obtaining base metal readings with Type 1 gage. Unusually high or low gage readings that cannot be repeated consistently are discarded.

We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. This process is described later in this article. The magnitude of nonconforming thickness assessed by obtaining spot measurements in eight equally spaced directions radiating outward from the nonconforming area. This requirement makes Type 1 gages very difficult to use. The electronic file may not be reproduced in any way.

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Measuring Dry Film Coating Thickness According to SSPC-PA 2KTA University

Photos courtesy of Turner Industries Group, L. Please sign into an account with a subscription to this content, or email for help at support madcad. October 16, at 2: You currently cannot view this content.

If so which is the correct surface for calibrating? As a result, obtaining single-point measurements may not accurately represent the actual coating system thickness.

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