Kyc There are two complete translations of “Journey to the West”. . “Monkey” is Arthur Waley’s delightful rendition of Wu Cheng-en’s “Journey to the West”, one. renowned translator of Chinese and Japanese literature, Arthur Waley. .. When Arthur Waley abridged and translated Journey to the West in , he gave. THE JOURNEY TO THE WEST Translated and Edited by Anthony C. Yu. IN Arthur Waley, the foremost British translator of Chinese and.

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This translat Probably the most popular book in the arthr of the Far East, this classic sixteenth century novel is a combination of picaresque novel and folk epic that mixes satire, allegory, and history into a rollicking adventure.

This was an interesting read but man, the Master is kind of an idiot who keeps getting himself in unnecessary trouble just so the Monkey King could save him. That’s alllll from Wendy.

Monkey: The Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en

This was great, though not my usual fare. Though the female fiend tugged and pulled at him and refused to let go, our master doggedly rejected her advances.

I’m very glad to have read this; I’m very glad that I have now joined the billions of people who know this whimsical tale. I looked for my old notebook for this class last night, but I couldn’t find it. Reading this reminds me of “The Fugitive”, which was really not exciting as well.

Waley, in contrast, is much more inclined to portray Monkey as the hero, despite his moral shortcomings. His immortality does not make him more holy than Tripitaka, on the contrary, Tripitaka is much more disciplined. Also what initially piqued my interest was my involvement in translating a mobile game loosely based on the story.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You are commenting using your Twitter account. That event shifts the direction of the story. Watch the film all the time with my grandma when I was a kid. Tripitaka and Monkey are made in to Buddha’s. Even when faced with the beautiful queen, Tripitaka is not swayed from his vow.


I purged a lot of my school stuff several years ago, and I didn’t see any from that particular semester, so I suspect it’s long gone. Retrieved from ” https: The “journey to the west” in question is a trip from China to India to fetch some scriptures. There’s Pigsy, Sandy, Monkey, and the monk.

This brings us to a great irony, and I now realize the joke is on me once again.

Monkey: The Journey to the West

In addition to the plot being a bit like a video game, there arghur times where the pages flew by. The party faces one challenge after the next, and the trip is long and arduous.

It arthug slightly more sense than the reason the hobbits could not ride the eagles into Mordor. A poem describes her in the chapter: Retrieved 5 February His humanity is juxtaposed with his willpower, making him a more impressive and useful character to the narrative. See 2 questions about Monkey…. There are so many doodles and extracurricular musings in the margins that I’m not sure I paid attention to anything the teachers ever said.

I had no idea this was a an actual book, daley mind translated and available in Penguin classic format! First of all life is humourous, the best part of life is laughter, and this book has plenty of that, and what is more uses it as a gentle didact I had no idea this was a an actual book, never mind translated and available in Penguin classic format! Wuxia is basically Chinese martial fiction, and it is hard to find anything in this genre with less than 2, pages. Masterworks of Asian Literature in Comparative Perspective: It’s funny, historically interesting and at times very engaging, if somewhat hard to get into.

Its funny, I read about 50 pages of this then lost the thread and started struggling with who was who, to such an extent that I put it down for a few months. This is a superhero story.


Views Read Edit View history. I enjoyed this translation by Arthur Waley. They are then returned to be rewarded by the Buddha. Oct 09, Akemi G. He becomes king of the monkeys.

BOOK REVIEW: Monkey: A Folk Novel of China by Wu Cheng’en | the !n(tro)verted yogi

There’s always a bunch of literary stuff underneath it all, and I’m afraid I didn’t pick up on any of it. Arthur Waley ‘s abridged translation was published inwalej has also been published as Adventures of the Monkey God ; and Monkey: Sep 17, Karen Mosley rated it it was ok. It is like a Buddhist “Pilgrims Progress” only with jokes and likability and a message which i prefer to that of Chaucer or Bunyan. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for literary stuff that’s supposed wqley be in all the modern novels like subtle character development, but sometimes it’s nice to leave those things behind.

If anyone needed proof that beauty is a societal construct, I say to thee, sup. Originally published init remains one of the most-read English-language versions of the novel. Don’t let the fact that it took me over a month and a half to read pages say otherwise.

He worries the queen will want to engage sexually with him, something that Tripitaka has renounced as a monk. Il loro viaggio simboleggia anche la via arthhur consapevolezza: This review might make you think I did not like this book. The hope is to retrieve sacred scriptures by which the Chinese people may be enlightened so that their behaviour seen as greed, hedonism, promiscuity, and sins qest accord with the tenets of Buddhism.

As it was an ebook, I can’t say for sure how long it was, but if wets was abridged it was not by much.

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