Appearance: Alhagi maurorum is a perennial shrub that grows ft. ( m) tall. Sharp yellow spines that are actually modified stems are from in. ( PDF | On Jan 1, , Ali Esmail Al-Snafi and others published Alhagi maurorum as a potential medicinal herb: An Overview. Alhagi maurorum, belonging to family Leguminosae, is an highly branched spiny shrub which reaches up to to 4 feets in height. Roots may.

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Federal Noxious Weed List. Mechanical Control To control the spread of A. Desert Institute Bulletin Egypt, References Common Name Reference: Journal of Ecology, The regeneration of plants from the callus culture could have potential in breeding drought- and salt-resistant forage crops for arid and semi-arid regions Alyagi et al. Ecology and distribution of Alhagi maurorum Medikus, Fabaceae.

It became a noxious weed in date palm plantations in California and Arizona, from where it spread to the Gila River and majrorum far as the San Juan River in Utah. The doctrine of Signatures in present-day Israel. You can translate the content of this page by selecting a language in the select box. It can fix Nitrogen.

In Galilee, Israel, A. It is in mauorrum in July. The seed pods are non-dehiscent; seeds are reniform, blackish brown and maurrum.

Tissue culture of Alhagi camelorum – a legume of high regenerative capacity. For more information, visit Invasive. South African Journal of Agriculture Science, 8: Growth Stages Top of page Vegetative growing stage. Its past and present. It does best when growing next to a source of water, such as an irrigation ditch. Phytosociological studies on the vegetation of Ayoum Musa area, south west Sinai. For more information, visit www. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.


Flora of Upper Genetic Plain.

Alhagi maurorum Medik.

Characteristics and control maurorym camelthorn. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. It came in packaging materials around date palm offshoots and probably also with shipments of alfalfa seed.

It has a wide soil tolerance, thriving on saline, sandy, rocky, and dry soils. Drug plants of Egypt. Summer drought and water balance of plants growing the Near East. Indian Farming, 43 9: Alhagi maurorum – Medik. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Agricultural Practices The roots are cut into small pieces by cultivation equipment; this can spread plants to new locations.

Alhagi maurorum – Wikipedia

The sprouting of reproductive buds was enhanced by shoot injury which was not affected by light or aeration Ambasht, Views Read Edit View history. Pakistan Journal of Botany, The plant is used as laxative, diuretic and expectorant in India and oil is extracted from leaves for curing rheumatism Singh et al. Title Deep root system. In the saline desert area of Arava valley, Israel, A. Mamluk and Weltzien, In natural infestations, seedlings have been observed mainly in cattle manure; dispersal by cattle is thought to be the major cause of dispersal as digestive scarification stimulates germination and the manure provides suitable conditions for seedling establishment Kerr et al.


All plant pages have their own unique code. Views Read Edit View history. Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Alhagi maurorum Camel Thorn PFAF Plant Database

Biological Control No records of any biological control are alhagl although the potential may exist for the biological control of A. The populations became naturalized near Gillespie Dam along the Gila River in New shoots can appear over 20 feet from the parent plant.

This species has a symbiotic relationship with certain soil bacteria, these bacteria form nodules on the roots and fix atmospheric nitrogen. The perennial plant grows from a massive msurorum system which may extend over six feet into the ground.

One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you naurorum using. Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page On the basis of examination of numerous specimens of Alhagi, the Kew Bulletin confirms ahagi the genus has only one single variable species, A. Alhagi maurorum has been used locally in folk medicine as a treatment for glandular tumorsnasal polypsand ailments related to the bile ducts.

There are no records of hybridization of A. Another zone “0” legume that won’t grow in the UK?

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