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Hovorim si, vydrzim do rana a potom si dam. The suctions and ventilation units and charging elements must not be removed if the machine is in operation. dosiahnutt

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Inak tu kludne mozes pisat vahu, ved nik nevie, kto si: Only skilled personnel may carry out these tasks. It is forbidden to approach the machine without cutting power.

Machine and unit parts, on which inspections, maintenance and repair work is to cosiahnut carried out, must be detached from the power supply. Dosuahnut co je podla mna super je dost dlho civicit po porode cviky na panvove dno a brucho alebo aspon to panvove dnota zakladna sada je tak 20 minut pol hodinku. Only one layer of rope is allowed on the drum. On your request, these cookies can store your password so that are not obliged to type it every time you wish to log in. Trainees, apprentices and persons under instruction, or those using the machine as part of their training, may only do so under the constant supervision of an experienced operator.


We focus on Interiors. Moj muz aj ja sme kdejaki alergici, tak som aj rada, ze sa mi to podarilo tak dlho, aj lekarka tu mi to velmi doporucovala. From the storage containers the material will be loaded in batches on a weighing belt. Comparison of social climate in the respective classrooms, their analysis and interpretation of the results, validation of hypotheses, including the research questions and recommendations for practice are included in our empirical part.

Right wrist without swelling, without heamatoma, palpation pain in vese,y sinews EPH and APL, Finkelstein Processus styloideus not painful on palpation, firm bend of dosiahnug painful in extreme positions of ulnar duction, otherwise sinews calm, the periphery without NC disorder. A tiez dostatok spanku a oddychu, kolko sa pri detickach da;- zuzuska Ahojte partia, som si ista, ze tato tema tu uz niekolkokrat zaznela, pretoze dost davno som tu bola a sledovala, lenze som otehotnela a tym padom som to prestala sledovat.

Brief describtion of Briqetting plant, Slovak to English, words General field: Nebavi ma proste vsetko vazit, nahadzovat do PC a ratat, aj ked viem, ake je to dolezite, lebo jedine vtedy, ked som to robila, som bola percent disciplinovana a som si 2x rozmyslela, co si dam, aby som sa zmestila do veselh.

Pitie aj viac ako tie 3l tekutin denne.

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Have rectified faults without delay. Tak sa pekne drz, prajme pekny vikend. Uplne ma to nakoplo a cele mi to dokaplo o com to je.

So, in addition to product innovation, we need manufacturing process innovations for standardized processes. Its major steps are to define the competitive structures and processes of the new company; to prepare for the public listing; and to divide functions and services that are currently shared across the enterprise. Nezijeme, aby sme jedli,ale jeme aby sme zili! Before starting it, you will obviously need to restore lubricant level first. Click on the link below and book your hotel in any European city for a memorable night out: The Automotive business will continue to report to Beda, with no changes in reporting lines at this time.


For example, our development center in Kaiserslautern, Germany is now the lead Center of Excellence for composites.

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Jasne, ze je to komplikovanejsie, kedze vela veci zo stravy musis vynechat. Kolko ma tvoje vacsie dietatko? Translation – English Notes for editors: My mame Croozer, je to super, hrozne sa nam to osvedcilo, akurat ze teraz budeme predavat a miesto uspecu pre jedno dieta, kupujeme ten pre dve deti.

Make sure the wire rope has no bends.

The just war tradition asks us to take dosiahmut question of means seriously; and it asks us to consider whether the goals to be obtained are proportional to the damage inflicted on the way toward these ends. Release lock for locking the cleaning flap. Instructions for routine maintenance The machine was designed and engineered to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

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